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Planning Docs


Vision Statement

One day the technology workforce will have a place to turn to for educational and vocational resource as well as a community of leaders and learners who bring skills and experience from many positions and industries.

Missions Statement

To cultivate and support tech organizations, organizers, activities, and events to develop a supportive tech community.


executive board

Guido stein
Laura Doty
Josh Rosenthal


Sheeri Cabral
Mike Foster
Randy Hale
Kurt Menke
Kayla Patel

Programs for 2018

OSGEO.US Chapter

OSGeo.US will be a national chapter of the OSGeo community. Technocation will act as the home for this chapter supporting it’s operations. The majority of Technocation’s efforts will go into this program.

AvidGeo Meetup Group

The AvidGeo Meetup group is a ongoing meetup in Boston that supports local gatherings around spatial technology community. Technocation will support this program directly and as the OSGeo.US chapter where possible. AvidGeo is technology agnostic, but will support and champion Open Source programming when possible.




Other potential program

Taste Of Open Source

Taste Of Open Source is a social event with lightening talks related to open source projects and community. This event will support open source community broadly giving a chance for project contributors and users to gather and celebrate the amazing amounts of volunteer effort that go into the process. Think of it as a show and tell where people understand your excitement about your project, not just from within your tech silo.

Contrinbutor Country Campaign

Contributor country should be a website that allows people to share their accomplishments with the community. It will also allow the community to share the many types of people who partake within these projects.